About Us

Conner Creek Academy East was established in 1999 as a Public School Academy chartered by Ferris State University.  Michigan Collegiate, our new facility in Warren for grades 7-12, opened in 2008.  Our goal is to provide a quality education to students as well as instruction in character development.  We had our first graduating class in June 2006.  As a public school of choice we accept children from throughout the geographic region.


Conner Creek Academy East offers:

  • Free Student Busing
  • Technology Focused Learning
  • Family Focus Group
  • Full Day Kindergarten
  • Free Lunch Program
  • Free Breakfast Program
  • Free Snack Program
  • Attendance Incentives
  • Class Field Trips
  • Family Events
  • Common Core Aligned Curriculum
  • Dress Code for grades K - 6 including one free shirt
  • Free After School Math Tutoring with busing
  • Free After-School Enrichment Activities
  • Monthly Newsletters